Casona Asturiana


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La Casona de Belmonte is a typical example of Asturian architecture from the 19th Century. Constructed mainly of wood and stone, it includes diversepieces of Asturian heritage such as a “Panera”, a traditional grain store, dating from 1893 and a “Llagar”, a cider press, that is over 100 years old.Together these combine to provide both great historical value and architectural beauty.

Surrounded by various fields belonging to the house, there are ample green spaces, vegetable gardens, fruit trees and a forest. Guests can enjoy the spacious terrace, have barbeques and other activities in the open air.

La Casona is also authorised to validate the passage of pilgrims as they make their way on the “RutaPrimativa” of the famous “Camino de Santiago”.

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